Obtaining and Compiling Source Code

The original zChaff source code and executable are available from zChaff at Princeton University.

Linux and Solaris executables of dtree-SAT are available for download. To obtain and compile the source code, follow the steps below:

1. Download the zChaff source code (zchaff.2001.2.17.src.tar.gz) from zChaff at Princeton University.

2. Unzip and untar the file (gunzip file.tar.gz; tar xvf file.tar); this will create a "zchaff" directory.

3. Download dtree_sat_release.tar.gz to the "zchaff" directory.

4. Unzip and untar the file; this will replace two files (Makefile, sat_solver.cpp), add two files (dtree_solver.h, dtree_solver.cpp), and add two directories (cnf, hgr2bdt).

5. If compilation was attempted on the original zChaff package, make sure all the object files are deleted prior to the next step.

6. Run "make" and the dtree-SAT executable (named "asap") will be created.

Note: dtree-SAT has been successfully compiled under Linux and Solaris; our experiments were run with (an earlier version of) the Linux executable. In case the Makefile does not work on some Solaris systems, try this one instead.