Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why does SamIam keep running out of memory, even though my computer has 2 Gigs of RAM?
A: In order for SamIam to fully use the available memory on your system, you need to give the Java virtual machine permission to use more memory. The invocation script provided with SamIam (samiam.bat on Windows, runsamiam on Solaris) helps you do that. By default, the script gives the JVM 512 Megabytes. If your system has more memory, we recommend you increase the maximum memory limit in the script to the amount of physical RAM present on your system.

Q: How much disk space does SamIam use?
A: The program files necessary to run SamIam on Windows OS require less than 3 MB of disk space. The Windows download package requires 15.6 MB, because it also includes:
    • html help files - 1MB
    • network samples - 1MB
    • video tutorials - 12MBs

Q: What if I want to uninstall SamIam?
A: Installing SamIam only means copying the files to your hard drive. It does not modify your system in any way. So to uninstall it, simply delete the installation folder.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements to run SamIam 3.0?
A: OS/JRE: SamIam requires a Java runtime environment to run. Samiam 3.0 runs on JRE version 4 or later. SamIam 3.0 runs best on the latest Sun Java Runtime Environment: JRE 6. You can view a list of operating systems for which JRE 6 is available HERE. (RAM >= 128MB). SamIam shows several advanced features only with JRE version 5 or newer.

Q: Where can I find documentation for SamIam?
A: If you have already installed SamIam on your system, you can access documentation through the Help menu. Browse the html documentation by selecting the Help item, or, on Windows only the video tutorials using the Video Tutorials item. If you have not yet installed SamIam, you can find the same documentation and video tutorials Live! on the web at:

Q: What if I can't find the answer to my question in the SamIam documentation?
A: We would be happy to answer any questions you have about SamIam. Please email us at

Q: What's wrong? I'm in Edit mode, but SamIam won't let me add a new node. In fact, all the structural edit functions are disabled!
A: Most likely, you are editing a Genie .dsl file, or another file type other than Hugin .net. SamIam 3.0 supports structural editing only on Hugin format files.

Q: The network view background color changed when I entered Query mode, but it stayed the same when I went back to Edit mode. What does that mean?
A: The background color change indicates that SamIam compiled your network (using the currently selected algorithm). That compilation is valid until you edit the network structurally, for example adding a node or edge. You will notice the background color change back when you make a structural edit. Also, you can change the colors SamIam uses to indicate whether or not the network is compiled, in the Network tab of the Preferences menu.

Q: I am trying to run SamIam on a Windows machine. I downloaded '' and upzipped all files, including 'samiam.jar' and 'inflib.jar', into the folder C:\samiam on my machine. I explored C:\samiam using Windows explorer and double-clicked the icon for the file 'samiam.jar', but Windows tells me it does not recognize the file extension '.jar'. What's wrong?
A: Please use the invocation script samiam.bat to run SamIam. If that fails, it is likely that your Windows system does not have a Java runtime environment installed. You can download the Sun JRE -> HERE